MyHealth at Lutheran Health Physicians

Access Health Information 24/7 with MyHealth
Access your health records online and manage your health 24/7 with Lutheran Health Network's MyHealth, our online patient portal.

It's a simple, secure, free and convenient way to:

  • Review your records and even download, fax or email information
  • View lab results and radiology reports
  • Communicate with participating physician offices online*
  • Request provider appointments*
  • Review details of a hospital stay, including the reason for admission, as well as procedures, results and discharge summary

*Available in the new portal, after the Lutheran Health Physicians offices convert to the new Cerner electronic health record system

New Patient Portal
A new MyHealth patient portal is being introduced in phases through early 2019. It's part of Lutheran Health Network's new Cerner electronic health record system.
  • Most Lutheran Health Physicians provider offices located outside Allen County, Ind. introduced the new electronic medical record system and patient portal in late October 2018.
  • Current patient portal users who receive care at an LHP office outside Allen County after Oct. 27, 2018 need to re-enroll for MyHealth as part of their first office visit.
  • If you have an existing Lutheran Health Network MyHealth portal (created prior to Oct. 27, 2018), health information related to Lutheran Health Physician provider offices will continue to be added to that portal until those provider offices convert to the new health record system.

If your physician office uses the NextGen patient portal (Bluffton locations), click here to access your portal.