Call to Schedule a Telehealth Visit

Hear from Family Medicine physician Anna Menze, DO on how to make the most of your telehealth visit.

Call your provider or (833) 546-4968(833) 546-4968 to schedule a telehealth visit.

What is telehealth?
Telehealth simply means a doctor visit on the phone or via video using a smartphone or computer. You will be able to talk with your provider from the comfort of your home or other location just as you would in the doctor’s office.

How does it work?
Lutheran Health Physicians staff will provide instructions about your telehealth visit when you schedule the appointment. Visits begin by clicking a link sent by email from the practice. You will not need to download an app.

How do I make a telehealth appointment?
Call your provider and ask if your appointment can be done by phone or video. Some appointments require a physical examination in order for the doctor to meet the standard of care and make fully informed decisions. But many appointments can be managed well through virtual interaction. These may include certain visits for:

  • Minor illnesses such as colds and allergies
  • Minor injuries such as sprains
  • Follow-up care
  • Medication management
  • Chronic disease management
  • Back pain
  • Other specialty care

Are telehealth visits covered by insurance?
Many insurance plans cover telehealth visits. Video visits are typically required, although some payers will cover visits by phone only. Check your plan coverage or ask when you make an appointment.

Can I have a telehealth visit with a doctor I’ve never seen before?
Yes. Telehealth visits through our medical group are for both new and existing patients.

Can I have a telehealth visit with any physician in the group?
Many of the providers offer telehealth. Call to confirm if virtual visits are available with your selected provider.

Looking for a provider? Need to find a phone number?
Find your provider here or call Lutheran Health Physicians at (833) 546-4968(833) 546-4968.